Bilingual PE Lab: Bringing creativity based on articles and authors in the Education field.


I was meeting teachers in the middle of the week to discuss subjects related to bilingual education and PE content. Starting from the idea to put together many topics and explore more, I was thinking to name the meetings and looking for the best approach to fit in the context, one word came to my mind, and everything became clear. The meetings now it’s part of our LAB, that’s because we were working based on articles and different authors in our field – education.

Yesterday I made a pennant to remember our origins, US schools, and I inserted our “mascot” into the pennant: The Brain wearing sneakers and cap (it’s not an official because we don’t have the rights).

It’s just my necessity to build logos and giving names to everything that I usually do, but LAB is the best name. Check it out below the characteristics of our LAB:

1. Coworking: Encouraging PE teacher to bring their ideas and make it work. Partnership and coaching are the primary purposes of our LAB at the beginning of LAB planning (to find a place to develop projects);

2. Study Group: Bringing articles and authors in the education field to discuss and understand all the new ways of modern education;

3. Workshops: Developing different contents of workshops about Physical Education.

It’s our new commitment, the Bilingual PE Lab!

*Every Wednesday in São Paulo/Brasil – 07pm to 09pm – Rua Teodoro Sampaio, 744 – Cj. 41 (Next Metrô Clínicas – Pinheiros)

2 thoughts on “Bilingual PE Lab: Bringing creativity based on articles and authors in the Education field.

  1. Felippe, parabéns pela linda iniciativa de promover o intercâmbio de ideias e práticas na educação física escolar no âmbito das escolas bilíngues! Desde já, desejo um contínuo sucesso pra você!


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