8th Bilingual PE Workshop: Formative & Summative Assessments / 8o Workshop Bilingual PE: Avaliações Formativas e Somativas.

We are glad to announce our 8th Bilingual PE Workshop. After a while discussing PhysEd scenario, we engaged on the topic Assessments, that’s because some teachers were asking us to develop workshops related to the topic. My partner and I started to create the content of the workshop last Wednesday, and we wrapped up the subjects that we want to explore and the script of the workshop, following mini-lab approach of Culture of Thinking workshops. Last year I had moments of mini-labs to discuss Teaching for Understanding in the context of Physical Education practices, and we decided to lead the workshop following those steps, engaging teachers to produce planning after reflection in a big group.

Technology is another important part of the workshop because we are working together on the same online document. We are asking teachers to bring their technology (tablets or notebooks) to develop this part of the workshop, being part of the workshop effectively adding information about their practices while producing planning for the following week of the workshop’s date.

We are inviting you to come to our workplace (address above) and engaging with us on this journey. Subscription starts in April, 5 (next Friday).

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