Teacher Assistant Duties That’ll Help You FINALLY lead your own class.

teacher assistant that'll

I’m bringing this subject because after two years and a half I’ll have my own (PE) assistant. People ask me why I am happy about it? I usually say: “That’s because we can speak the same language.”
It means, set up a court or a classroom it’s not that easy when we talk about specific content – PE.
Through the process of application, I’m already prepared duties for my new assistant to help me to develop my own classes properly (as I wish to lead my classes). The first thing about class management which I’m really uncomfortable is my storage. I cannot set up the stuff because I don’t have time enough to split equipment by types, organize spreadsheets to have control over what goes out and what comes in – in terms of balls, racquets, vests, mats, etc.
The second step will be to know more about the approach with the kids. It will be an essential part of the introduction in PE contents for children. In my point of view, I’ll start modeling while teaching when the assistant starts taking notes and everything. I’ll be on the spotlight – and I do like this.
Having an assistant made me wonder since we started to talk about (my leadership and me) what kind of professional I need to be to guarantee that the assistant will learn the drill, and at the same time I’ll have all the benefits of the assistance. I’m looking forward to planning new activities, games, and plays that I finally know I’ll be developing differentiated PE contents.

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