Culture of Thinking (CoT) Inquiry Plan Action – Body & Movement (PE) – Escola Concept São Paulo.

Besides Habits of Mind research that I’m developing, at the same time, I’m on a journey of learning to start this week my action plan of CoT to present a banner to my coworkers in October when Mark Church arrives in Brazil to visit us.

The main idea is gathering data through my lessons and describes how could I apply strategies of thinking in the context of PE lessons, which means making students reflect on the process of learning during Body & Movement classes (Physical Education at Escola Concept São Paulo/Brazil).

Thinking about my approach in the process of reflection, I decided to write down here to put all my ideas (fresh ideas) on the blog, so further I can gather all the information that I shared with you to compose my text, document, and explanation that I will present, as I started to do the same with the Habits of Mind research.

Last year I displayed many photographs on the wall showing early childhood students playing and having fun exploring the BaM classroom. Some students went to the classroom for the very first time and they looked at the wall observing each other through the pictures and they connected the practices displayed on photographs what the students were doing, so they could recognize the equipment and actions without my explanation and they were exploring the same idea of the photo using that equipment having fun and learning throughout their own interests. I was asking Church once if it is the real making thinking visible, and for toddlers, he told me this is how to make thinking visible in the context of PE lessons.

I had my doubts at the beginning of this journey and how to apply it, and I found answers. Now I have other questions that I will work on from this point of my journey at Concept, and I will be in charge of this research to keep looking for answers and sharing with all of you.

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