The sequence of photos – Inquiry Plan Action.

I was pursuing these photographs since last year, and the teacher of this student found it last week. For sure, this will be my presentation next month of the Inquiry Plan Action – Culture of Thinking. I will explain above why I chose this sequence to showcase my work here at Concept…

  1. As you can see, the first and essential thing is how the teacher took the photos. The identification was preserved, so this is an important thing to show the practice out of the school workshops or professional meetings.
  2. I was playing around the classroom with other students, and at this moment I was absent helping the kid to reach the top of the trampoline, so the children wanted to jump on the trampoline, and her teacher (my partner) noticed the child was trying to get on the top of the trampoline by herself.
  3. I was amazed (and I’m still amazed looking at the pictures) to see her autonomy, and this is very interesting because she doesn’t know, but this picture was an influence on other students’ practices…
  4. I achieved these influences printing the photos and displaying on the walls of my classroom. So, I made her actions visible to the others, and they could recognize the equipment and the environment while observing her photos. I was impressed because some students did the same actions after looking at the pictures. They were looking for the trampoline around the classroom and some blocks/pillows to help themselves to get on the top of the trampoline and enjoy the toy/equipment.
The first ‘4 steps’ of my showcase is above. I know maybe (or for sure, I really don’t know yet) I’ll make some changes to become more clear in what I want to show and explain. This is just the beginning of my research. Writing about it and reflect on the photos will be good for me to develop properly what my bosses and consultants want to hear from a PE teacher.
Engaging myself on HoM (Habits of Mind) and CoT (Culture of Thinking) in the context of Physical Education lessons. Let’s see what’s next…

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