PE project about #Bicycles connected to #GlobalGoals #3 (Good Health and Well-Being) and #11 (Sustainable Cities & Communities).

The original Dutch Bike. My own photo from Amsterdam. 

Idea: Develop a project connecting to bicycle as a means of transportation to engage people to take care of the environment and have workout equipment to provide health conditions.

I’m gonna use two pillars: Sustainability and Collaboration. Sustainability to engage people to know more about how to prevent damages to the environment. Collaboration to help each other to raise awareness of the impacts of using polluting vehicles on the environment.

Global Goal #3: Good Health and Well-Being. Using this GG, I’ll describe the health benefits to workout using bikes as the main equipment, exploring all the characteristics of the bicycle, making connections to body systems promoting health conditions on our daily basis.

Global Goal #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. This GG will be part of the consequences of engaging riding bicycles in our routine and all the positive impacts of reducing pollution by using bikes instead of cars daily.

I’m going to display this project in an online education platform this week, and the first idea of the project is sharing with students from different schools to know more about sustainability & urban mobility.

Goals of the project:

Raise awareness of Sustainability & Health and Well-Being.

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