Bilingual PE brought Floorball to Beit Yaacov School in September.

We started to make connections to sports confederations around São Paulo to promote unknown sports in our workshops. We thought about bringing more content that PE teachers are not familiar with. We already brought Frisbee last year to Beit Yaacov, than this year we held a workshop having a special guest from Sweden teaching us Floorball, as you can see displayed above.

We had a really great time with Nick, our hostess that day. We thought it was easy to play Floorball, but instead of control the ball and score quickly, we had moments of struggle to manage the stick and control the ball while walking or running. Pretty hard, in my opinion, and also very interesting to develop this kind of practice for elementary and high school.

Thinking about Floorball, in particular, we can plan a bunch of classes regarding Floorball, starting producing our own stick at Maker Space (or FabLab) at Escola Concept (my job). Making connections to another field as a teacher promoting Project-Based Learning and engaging students in the process of learning, not only the final product as playing and knowing the main rules of the sport. It could be something like a business that students must produce, practice, and “sell” their final product to their parents, showing in their Student-Led Conferences. It’s something to think about and dig deep into the PE project.

Besides the PBL thing, it’s another sport to teach our students and make our teaching moves like a differentiated instruction way. Sounds great for parents and coordinators regarding our role at school.

One thought on “Bilingual PE brought Floorball to Beit Yaacov School in September.

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