ACME #Whistles for Referees and PE Teachers.


ACME Metropolitan Whistle from England.


If you are looking for a whistle to prevent Ear Disorders throughout loud noises as whistles can be daily, instead of using an ordinary plastic whistle as I’m using right now, I’m looking for something more expansive. Still, it can help me heathier to my inner ear health.

Once I had instructions from a Speech Therapist (also my wife) about the loud noises surrounding us teaching children. I used to use my voice only when I started to teach early years, but moving to higher grade levels as Lower and Middle School, I changed my mind to do not lose my voice before forty’s. When I taught in a Canadian school two years ago, the Canadian consultant warned me as well. So, I started using the plastic whistle and using frequently, I felt some uncomfortable noises while whistling during my lessons. I’m coming back to that advises from the Speech Therapist to prevent ear disorders.

A company from England is producing whistles since 1870 for Policemen. Some referees are using the same whistle to teach PE classes there. I put a video on YouTube to hear the sound of the whistle, and I thought that it can be interesting to try this one. The model is old, and musicians usually use the brand to teach classes. Maybe it can be a healthier option for me. Let’s see (or hear).

It’s expansive, around R$ 80 here in Brazil. Two websites are selling the whistle, but as an England product, it can be an excellent choice to keep our inner ears health.

Know more about the company behind the ACME Whistle by J Hudson & Co.

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