1st Bilingual PE workshop in 2020: Collaborative Planning.


We started 2020 bringing great news! Yesterday we went to ICE Brasil Arena to know the brand new Curling’s Ice Sheet and Hockey pitch. It’s something that I’m very excited to tell you because it’s an unusual sport here in Brazil. Marcelo Unti, the CEO of ICE Brasil in São Paulo, invited me to visit the place, and he provided me two dates to develop a Bilingual PE event there. On February 15, we are going to develop a workshop about Collaborative Planning and practices of Curling afterward. We’ll have around four hours of the theoretical module of PE planning and one hour and a half of Curling practices on ice – yeah, real ice!

For the first part of the workshop, we are asking teachers to bring their technology to develop Collaborative Planning using Google tools like Docs and Sheets. I’m building our platform to provide quick experience planning in a whole group, saving time and gathering knowledge from each other ideas.

Stay on! During the next week, we’ll display the links to the subscription for the workshop.

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