#FacetsOfUnderstanding: describing #standards and #benchmarks guiding Physical Education teachers to develop planning for understanding.


Ok, this is new for me, but I’m already feeling very comfortable working on the standards and benchmarks using the Facets of Understanding to structure my role as PE teacher at Escola Concept. We returned to the vacation on Monday, and we were requested to review the Concept’s curriculum and make it more meaningful. Remembering that I worked on the first curriculum two years ago when I started to work at Escola Concept – the most challenging moment of career at that time. We did it, and we worked under our first curriculum until now.

But 2020 began…

…and we are collecting information from the six facets of understanding to describe our expectations on the process of learning. Our learners will be able to explore the contents of different fields and unities to understand Physical Education, taking lessons, and connecting to projects throughout the semester/year. Every facet has a bunch of verbs, and we are choosing verbs to describe the benchmarks, which means we are expressing our expectations of learners’ process of learning.

For example, if I choose the verb RECOGNIZE from the Facet ‘Self-Knowledge‘, I’ll describe the benchmark like this:

PT-BR: Eu reconheço diferentes jogos e brincadeiras propostos em aula e sou capaz de desenvolver os mesmos individualmente e coletivamente. / EN-US: I recognize different games and plays proposed in class, and I am able to develop them individually and collectively.

PS.: This sample is from Grade 1’s benchmarks.

Conclusion of the post:

It will be easier to work on plannings being guided by the new curriculum based on Facets of Understanding.

Bilingual PE expectations: 

Be aware of the benefits of the new structure and working on contents for workshops talking about the subject.

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