PE lab


In times of confinement, we as teachers are providing PE contents to our students develop at home, am I right? I guess so! Most of us are working hard to find meaningful content to teach practical and theoretical exercises. I started doing this a month ago, and since then, I thought about the brand new things that I realized teaching to my students, from toddlers to Grade 8.

I was producing documents and putting old strategies together to talk about this holding workshops, as I usually do twice or three times per year. The last workshop that I held was a little bit different, including my daily basis work at Escola Concept in São Paulo, and I keep thinking of splitting the workshops into different parts: ordinary PE in English Language and the new section, the PE laboratory = PE lab.

Teachers are teaching me while I’m holding workshops because I’m not developing the event to explain every single subject but raise doubt among us to discuss the scenario. Most of the questions I’m bringing up to solve my own doubts as a PE teacher, and that’s the real purpose of our meetings.

PE lab could be this place of discussion, taking now one step further to differentiate the ideas of our meetings. We’re committed to joining more people to our community, thinking of growing as much as we can support the new ones that already decided to work in the bilingual education, but at the same time, keep flowing old experiences with those who came with us since our first meeting in 2017. We have come a long way to where we are today to dismiss all of we already discussed and to pay more attention to the direction of what we want to achieve as professionals supporting each other.

One workshop to discuss what works already in the context of PE lessons, and others to discuss what’s new in our area. The confinement and the distance between us made us realize the new online PE, taking us out of our comfort zone and talking to each other more often than a few months ago using social media. I learned already, and I’m learning with my colleagues, and it’s time to put it all together.

If we have something new to show to the world, let’s research and prepare it in our laboratory to deliver the new way of teaching.


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