Updating Bilingual PE logo.



It’s time to update our identity. I was thinking of making some changes based on what we were using as the leading name, in this case, Bilingual PE instead of Bilingual Physical Education. Let’s go back to 2017 when I released the project…

2017: After a while thinking of naming my bilingual project, I decided to use the name Bilingual Physical Education, a simple translation of “Educação Física Bilíngue” in Portuguese-BR. No one was working under the title, and I took the advantage to develop my project using this title. Pretty connected to what I supposed to focus on, but I have had to buy an online address. In my opinion, the address is the most crucial factor in developing marketing afterward. After a while, I decided to by the address bilingualpe.com, and for the blog, bilingualpe.blog. Under the name Bilingual PE, using the full name Bilingual Physical Education makes no sense anymore. People used to refer to the company as Bilingual PE only.

Time to refresh…

2020: The free time during the confinement made me rethink about the logo and the new identity. Decided already to change the name definitely, I thought about how to put the title in a pennant yet, that’s because the pennant is the main characteristic of Bilingual PE’s philosophy – approaching practices based on American schools. I researched other pennants, but I kept the same. I framed the name fitting into the pennant, taking of the white ball from the bottom of the logo and relocating at the top of the pennant, adding the basket under the ball. I added two more components regarding PE teachers as the whistle and the cap.

The colors of the new logo are something that I thought a lot to change. The previous color, blue, I just copy and paste from the frame of the .png samples that I bought a few years ago, and I liked it for sure, so I decided to use the same. I still love, but blue is a color that every company uses to promote its services, and now I wanted something totally different. I went to Rome last year, and I think the colors of the Roma soccer team is one of the most beautiful combinations that I’ve ever seen in my life. I changed the colors drastically for my own responsibility, without thinking of the impact on people surrounding me. Taking responsible risks as I usually say to my students.

My reference is Roma’s Jersey (in my opinion, one of the most beautiful colors combination). I bought this ‘old school’ Roma’s jersey while visiting Rome last year. Stunning!!!

Now, take a look at the previous logo:


I took of the American letters surrounded by lines on each letter. When I minimize the logo, it’s hard to recognize the words ‘Bilingual’ and ‘Education.’ The logo used to be blurry in a small size, so I changed the type of the letters, but the letters “P” and “E” o left the American model remembering American Universities.


Not perfect because I’m not a designer, but I’m happy to add my personal tastes to my brand. We can find joy working on our brands, it’s a hobby of mine take care of what I made a few years ago and reached people somehow. Ideas coming up to my mind will strive to keep thinking of innovation.

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