Rethinking Physical Education in times of confinement: The Global Goals.

Global-GoalsThe pandemic time brought us PE teachers a new daily condition: to plan thinking about differentiation. We had, and still have to rethink our teaching way to have an approach to our students and provide meaningful content relates to Physical Education. I have been working in a PBL school (Project Based-Learning) and exploring different fields of knowledge, and something that we started to work on is the Global Goals. Not every PE content can be connected instantly to a group’s project, that’s because the teacher of reference must plan thinking about how to connect his/her project to the specialists as PE Teacher, for example. The first thing that we must do is reading about it before apply. Some essential strategies can clarify our doubts and lead us to the practices exploring the GG. I usually think about using the Habits of Mind as a strategy of application. Once knowing well how to use the Habits of Mind, I will try different sources as Global Goals or something.

The sample:

I want to exemplify a project that I made part of last year. We worked on GG #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. The classroom teacher came to me asking for something to connect to her project linked to GG #11, and we had a brainstorm on how to add PE lessons to her project. Thinking of sustainability and sustainable cities, we found the subject Architecture on her project. We came up with the essential question: How can we use the architecture around town to develop physical activities? The essential question brought almost instantly two sports: Skateboarding and Parkour. Both sports must use obstacles to play them, and it’s something that we can connect to the specific architecture to develop sports and talk about sustainability around town. How can architecture impact the community that we live in?
We chose Parkour, and I started to plan over the context. I split sessions of movements related to Parkour. In the gaps between sessions, we spoke a little bit about sustainability and how to improve the architecture in favor of our community and city.

Tracking GG in the context of Physical Education.

Here we have the example that we found two sports to explore GG #11. It could be a code of understanding this specific GG using previous experience, and then we can go deep into the content to find more connections to the GG. If we track each GG picking two or three sports as the starting point for those who are thinking of using the GG, we will analyze the GG and search for more sources to develop PE lessons in a meaningful way. Of course, we must guarantee all the characteristics of Physical Education to work on as motor and cognitive skills development, not only exploring the GG itself but including the GG afterward.

Global Goals: Starting Point (Establishing a pattern for PE contents)

Description: Here there are some ideas of activities to develop. It could be just a starting point, and it is far from being mandatory, and we can discuss possibilities of changes afterward.


No Poverty Activities without equipment


Zero Junger

Physiology and Body Systems


Good Health & Well Being

Workout (Gym exercises) – Yoga


Quality Education

HoM: Thinking and Communicating w/ Precision.


Gender Equality Collective Sports (Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, etc.)


Clear Water & Sanitation

Hydration in the context of Sports


Affordable & Clear Energy

Athletics (producing inner energy to develop sports)

#08 Decent work and economic growth

Biomechanics and Kinesiology


Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Technology in the context of PE


Reduced Inequalities 

Tug of War (VT Routine)


Sustainable cities & Communities

Skateboard, Parkour, and Bicycles.


Responsible Consumption & Production

Fine Motor Skills (collecting material and producing games and plays)


Climate Action

Outdoor sports (opened sky)


Life Below Water

Psychomotricity, Swimming


Life on land

Zoo workout (animals movements)

#16 Peace & Justice

Olympic Games (Fair play)

#17 Partnerships for the goals

Collaborative Sports

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